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Why Sex is better than Money

Money can buy you almost anything in this world but just not love. But is making love a better experience than earning money? It definitely is and especially when you hire an escort like Rose Escorts. Several professionals like known sexologists have invested their time and money in researching about this phenomenon and the answer always turned out that sex is better at providing you happiness. Have you ever tried having sex with Asia escorts in London? If you have then you would know what we are talking about.

Sex and the happiness equation

Sex is about sharing a sacred space between you and your partner. It is a very strong emotional and physical activity; and it provides immense satisfaction. Even if you have sex once a month, it provides you greater satisfaction than earning £50,000 a month.

This has been proven by experts in the subject and is an empirical study. This study totally debunks the myth that earning more money means getting better sex. Overall sex brings out more happiness in all human beings irrespective of their economic status. Many men who come to escorts agree with this finding. So, if you are dying to have naughty fun with stunning and gorgeous Oriental model escorts, now you have a reason to spend time with them.

Sex is the happiness quotient

It is between the sheets that the pursuit of happiness lies. In addition to sex, a good night’s sleep is also important. Men have agreed that when they have sex, they sleep better. Escorts at Rose Escorts agree that they have seen men sleep like babies after a sexual intercourse.

A sexual intercourse ranges from a quickie to a long intense physically and emotionally engaged activity. It all depends on your stamina and your interest in the whole deal. If you have long and exhausting session, you will want to sleep to recover your strength.

The science of sex

A sexual activity releases certain hormones in our brain called endorphins. These hormones are responsible for providing that ultimate release and satisfaction, and give you a happy ending.

Happiness is an area of concern for people. While most material things in life give us temporary happiness, sex can provide immense, long-lasting happiness as one can have it as many times as they want. To enjoy a great sexual experience, try out Asian escorts in Baker Street and you will know what we are talking about. Perhaps it is the physical contact and personal touch with another person that makes sex so special.


Returning to the sex vs. money question, having more sex actually makes you better at earning money because you are stress-free. Sex cures loneliness, anxiety, insecurity and depression as well. So try and get hands-on sex with one of the beautiful and stunning Oriental model escorts. If you are tired of spending those lonely nights, craving for a partner and generally bored in life, contact us today for a premium escort and you will be happier than ever!

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