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Men of today are go-getters. They know what they want and they go out and get it. These days the discerning modern gentleman wants convenience, freedom and choice. This is not just true of the products and services he receives but also extends to what he expects from women.

The 21st-century man is attractive, stylish and hardworking. Because he spends so much of his time working hard and making money he does not want to have his free time wasted. Because of this he uses escorts. Let's face it, the age of courting has gone the way of the dodo. Back in the day men had to put a lot of time, effort and money into trying to a woo a woman. At the end of all this commitment, you were not even guaranteed the fun results you had hoped for. This is why the smart 21st-century man will choose a fine Japanese escort London service such as Rose Escorts.

Escorts are also a great choice for men who don't want to be stuck with one woman. For modern men, there is so much choice out there. Why be tied down to just one? With an escort you know you are paying to spend time with the best women available. Then once you are finished paying for their services you can simply leave. No strings attached.

Appearance and status are very important to the 21st-century man. They want to dress to impress. They also want to make all other men and women jealous by being seen with a gorgeous escort. The women you are seen with reflects your status in society. The better looking they are the more powerful and impressive you appear to your coworkers, friends and strangers.

Modern men are smart with their money. They know that being tied down to one woman will often end in a messy, expensive divorce. They want to be with great-looking, high-class exotic women. because of this they take advantage of the Japanese escorts London offers at Rose Escorts. It is the smart choice and they know it.

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