Three needless dating rituals you can ignore with an escort

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The world of dating should be non-stop fun. Sadly this is rarely the case. Instead, the whole idea of a man enjoying the company of a beautiful woman has become bogged down in silly rituals. These, of course, have become the norm - that is unless you choose to spend your time with an escort. If you ditch your next date and make plans with an escort instead, here are three needless rituals that you can just ignore.


There's just too much filler on a standard date. It's generally questions that you don't even care about the answer to, such as 'where do you work?' and 'where did you go to university?'. There's just no need to even delve into these carefully posed questions with an escort. In fact, you can even talk about yourself constantly if that's how you'll get your kicks. Don't forget that there's no need for any sort of conversation whatsoever if you just want to skip ahead to the good stuff.

Third date rule

It's somehow become the norm that a woman won't put out before the third date. This means that you've got to sit through three different activities on three different nights before you can even think of taking things to the next level. Meanwhile, an escort doesn't impose these rigid rules on herself and will do exactly what you want whether it's your third date or third minute together.


There's no need for you to see an escort again once you've done the deed and got what you wanted from her. In fact, you don't even have to text to make sure she got home safely or call to break things off. Don't worry, your chosen lady won't be needy or offended. After all, she lives to satisfy you and won't expect anything back in-between.

Break the rules!

It's time to break free and do exactly what you want with a woman. If you're ready to throw caution to the wind, be sure to choose one of the sexy gals at Rose Escorts, who are amongst the hottest Japanese escorts London or any other city has to offer.


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